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Patient Testimonials

I wanted to thank you for your utmost care and attention given to me from the moment I arrived in your office. Your personality and caring manner means so much as did your two assistants Cecilia and Fabiola. Judi was quick to get me in right away so that I could get the care that was needed. You saw the broken tooth and took care of it immediately. This all meant a great deal to me and I just wanted to let you know that I think you and your staff are WONDERFUL ! If I ever need a root canal again I would definitely come back here. Thank you again for your loving care. You are a great dentist and have a great staff.




So this was a last minute, emergency appointment for a man with such a phobia of dentists, it took his face swelling up from the pain/inflammation before he would make an appointment to see about a root canal. Even then, it was difficult to find a Dentist that specialized in IV sedation in the greater Orlando area, but from the moment we walked in the door of Dr. Dreyer’s office, the staff were warm, welcoming, and quick to act to relieve my boyfriend’s suffering. They worked with us to figure out the insurance paperwork, explained everything they were doing before they operated, and showed such genuine concern that I’m not entirely convinced they aren’t angels in human form. I’m so grateful for this group of people, words cannot accurately express how I feel. We have a follow up in 4 weeks to get the actual root canal done, and I am not actually dreading the experience. Thank you to all the staff and Dr Dreyer himself, you are awesome!

Carlye Nesson

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everybody.  As you know, I was terrified when I arrived and both Cecilia and Donna were amazing not to mention Dr Dreyer during my root canal.  I was so touched to get a call from you today to ensure I was ok.  I would not hesitate to recommend your amazing practice,, thank you again.


Lisa F

My experience was great never felt any discomfort or pain. I was very pleased with his staff. I would recommend to anyone who would need a root canal.


Thanks for doing such an excellent job on my recent root canal.  I had zero discomfort and was actually back to work 1 hour after I walked into your waiting room.  You have quite a talent.  Thanks again!

Michael Kutryb, MD

Dr. Kutryb

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and patience with me ! I'm sure it is not too often that you are appreciated for the kindness you share and work you do for patients, so let this note be your reminder today !! I appreciate the friendly service and care you show to me. The phone call I recieved yesterday to see how I was , was so nice.  :-) I hope I don't have many more visits- ha ha but may your lives be surrounded by much love, happiness and laughter !


I wish to thank you for your professional services, your generosity and goodwill to have offered root canal treatment gratuitously. There was very little pain thereafter. I appreciated the call from your office to see how I was doing. I will continue to recommend you to anyone in need of endodontic treatment.



I would like to take this opportunity to express to you how pleased I am with the endodontic procedure preformed by Dr. Jose Marcos.  I found Dr. Marcos to be highly professional and took great care in assuring that I was comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process.  He was very meticulous ensuring that every step of the procedure was done perfectly and to his satisfaction.
I would highly recommend Dr. Marcos and the facilities of Dr. Dreyer to anyone needing endodontic care.  You may rest assured that the entire staff is highly skilled professionals and that they take great pride in their work.
Thank you, Dr. Marcos

I just wanted to thank you again for treating my tooth at the last minute. We had a great vacation luckily without much pain. I'm so glad I found you !!!!


Painless, wonderful experience. Would definitely come back if I ever need another root canal. He is amazing with that microscope.

Jackie Garcia

Kissimmee Endodontics - Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities!

We know that for most people, a visit to the dentist for a root canal can be a stressful proposition. We can help alleviate that stress. Dr. Dreyer has assembled a kind and caring staff, something that's so important when having a potentially stressful procedure done. He and his team will make sure you are comfortable and properly numbed before proceeding with any work on your tooth. 

How awesome would it be to not have any pain during a dental procedure?! For those patients who qualify, we are happy to include IV sedation at a minimal additional charge. This added service will ensure your comfort during the process, allowing an otherwise potentially stressful procedure to be a breeze!

High Tech

Perhaps no branch of dentistry has seen as much technological advancement over the past few years as has the field of endodontics. Dr. Dreyer has spared no expense in providing his patients the benefit of the very latest in high tech equipment. Surgical operating microscopes & ultrasonics help Dr. Dreyer find heretofore hidden canals. Electronic apex locators allow Dr. Dreyer to know when he has cleaned to the exact end of your root without taking extra x-rays. Digital x-ray systems allow us to reduce the radiation of our dental x-rays, combined with no waiting time for x-rays to process. Kodak 9000 Cone beam 3D techology (seen in above photo) allows Dr. Dreyer to inspect your tooth and jaws in a level of detail that is absolutely amazing. A sophisticated software program allows Dr. Dreyer to operate his office in a near paperless fashion. This allows him to be more efficient in delivering your care and communicating with your regular dentist.

Orlando Endodontics - While it is certainly true that none of this high tech gadgetry takes the place of a warm caring attitude toward you, our cherished patient, we can tell you with certainty that the quality of the care we can deliver is enhanced by many of these wonderful technological advancements.

Sedation Services

Doctor Dreyer did IV sedation training at the Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland, Oregon under Drs. Reed and Malamed.  This training allowed Dr. Dreyer to procure a State of Florida Moderate IV Sedation permit.  This permit allows Dr. Dreyer to deliver medicine by vein to allow his nervous patients to become very relaxed.  The patients are not "put to sleep" such as is done at an oral surgeon's office for removal of wisdom teeth for example.  Rather Dr. Dreyer gives just enough medicine to make the patient sleepy but still conscious.  His patients undergoing this type sedation will typically sleep through the procedure but are easily arousable with a verbal command and light shake of the shoulder.  This is a much more effective approach than giving a pill since unlike with oral sedation, Dr. Dreyer can "titrate to effect" with IV sedation.  In other words it isn't possible to safely and effectively give additional pills til someone is sleepy, but with the IV approach, that is exactly what is done in a safe and effective manner.  Also available is nitrous oxide "laughing gas" sedation for those patients who don't qualify (must be below 35 BMI and no major health issues for IV sedation.)  Best of all, Dr. Dreyer only charges $100 to cover the cost for sedation services.  He finds that if his patients are relaxed, he can work in a more relaxed manner, so doesn't want cost to be a barrier for a nervous patient!  

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